The PhD PI3K biology in health & disease Network, forming part of the Marie Slodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (MSCA-ITN PhD) consortium, incorporates ten academic, clinical and industrial partners with renowned expertise in research focused on PI3K signalling. Representing a unique training platform, this collaboration connects expertise and promotes leadership of excellence through the training of talented early stage researchers (ESRs) and suitably equips them for leading roles in cancer science and drug discovery in European industry and academia.

Coming to VHIO on Tuesday 12 February, the Network’s 4thAnnual Workshop is co-organized by consortium partners Violeta Serra, Principal Investigator of our Experimental Therapeutics Group, and Mariona Graupera, Principal Investigator of the Tumour Angiogenesis Group at the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), the meeting will convene the project’s PhD fellows to present and discuss their latest findings within the field.

The meeting has also been crafted to improve the communicating skills of participants as well as spur potential collaborations between colleagues and peers during the networking opportunities. Focusing on the use of PI3K inhibitors in the clinic, emphasis will be placed on the translational applicability of basic research aimed at advancing and potentiating anti-cancer medicines.

Commenting for VHIO Communications Violeta Serra said, “It is important that our upcoming young talents can explore how best to translate preclinical discovery into clinical benefit for patients.  During the meeting junior scientists will hear from clinical investigators about their needs, successes and even failures, and will learn how their research can contribute to advancing progress at the clinical level.

Irene Braña, Medical Oncologist and Clinical investigator of VHIO’s Early Clinical Drug Development Group; Joaquin Mateo, Principal Investigator of VHIO’s Prostate Cancer Translational Group; Pau Abrisqueta, Clinical Research Coordinator of VHIO’s Experimental Hematology Group directed by Francesc  Bosch; and Joaquin Arribas, Director of VHIO’s Preclinical Research Program, among others, will update on the development of PI3K pathway inhibitors in clinical trials across several tumor types including prostate cancer and lymphoma. Attendees will discover how these inhibitors have moved from the early stages of the drug development pipeline to marketing approval.

Last but not least, research fellows will also be guided on how to tackle and pursue their careers and develop the necessary intellectual frameworks to make well informed choices.

This program not only offers unparalleled educational opportunity for young scientists, but also aims to increase the international competitiveness of European research in PI3K discovery and development of anti-cancer medicines,” concluded Violeta.

View the Workshop poster here: poster 4th Phd WSP (1)

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