Throughout the course of this year’s ESMO Congress 2018, Securing access to optimal cancer, ESMO conducted a special survey to establish what this year’s theme meant to a representative group and number of delegates. Interviewed together as this year’s Congress drew to a close, our Director and ESMO/ESMO Congress President, Josep Tabernero, and Solange Peters, ESMO President-Elect and Congress 2018 Scientific Committee Chair, present the initial results of the survey and review the relevance of the findings reported thus far.

They go on to discuss how best to accelerate our collective efforts aimed at rendering cancer treatment and care more precise for an increasing number of patients, and also roadmap some necessary directions towards sustaining healthcare systems and ensuring that ‘matched’ cancer medicines be available to all patients, across borders.

To access this ESMO Congress TV wrap-up interview with ESMO Presidents present and future see below: 


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