Daniel Massó Vallés, Research Scientist at VHIO-born spin-off company Peptomyc S.L. and Co-Founder of our R4R (Running for Research) public outreach program, and Reinier Peñarroche, Coordinator of our Laboratory Equipment Maintenance, will represent R4R’s team and run alongside participants from FERO Foundation at next March’s 41st Zurich Marató Barcelona full marathon.

This FERO crowdfunding initiative aims to meet its set target of 10.000 EUR before the big day, Sunday 10 March. Donations pledged will support molecular diagnostics at VHIO to help extend the more precise characterization of individual tumors and matching of anti-cancer therapies to an increasing number of patients.

Please do help us to spread the word so that we can build visibility and increase engagement. For more information about this month’s VHIO-FERO crowdfunding on the occasion of the 41st Zurich Marató Barcelona please visit: https://www.migranodearena.org/reto/19679/una-maraton-por-la-medicina-de-precision-en-cancer.

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