Raquel Perez-Lopez, Principal Investigator, VHIO’s Radiomics Group

VHIO is delighted to announce that Raquel Perez-Lopez has just joined us from the Institute of Cancer Research – Royal Marsden Hospital, where she conducted her PhD under the supervision of Johann de Bono, to head up our newly established Radiomics Group.

Raquel attended Medical School at the Universitat de Barcelona and went on to complete her specialty training in Radiology at the Bellvitge University Hospital. During her residency, she completed a Masters in Clinical Sciences studying perfusion MRI in patients with high-grade astrocytoma. Supported by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), a clinical fellowship then led her to the Royal London Hospital – Barts Health NHS Trust, followed by her move to the Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden where her PhD focused on the study of bone metastases from prostate cancer by diffusion-weighted MRI.

These studies enabled her to identify the value of whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI as a prognostic and response biomarker of bone metastases in prostate which in turn led to the completion of the first prospective clinical trial in this context. Importantly, this work resulted in over fifteen manuscripts that she first or co-authored in prestigious titles including NEJM, Cell, Cancer Discovery, and Radiology.

As Principal Investigator, Raquel´s research at VHIO will center on functional CT and MRI techniques such as perfusion, diffusion and spectroscopy to better identify histological and molecular characteristics of tumors.

Complementing other preclinical and clinical research lines at VHIO, her group will seek to optimize drug development by more effectively characterizing the antitumor effect of novel agents including immunotherapies, identify those patients who are most likely to benefit from these therapies, and further enforce our translational research programmes in genomics, predictive science, and biomarkers of response and resistance.

On behalf of all at VHIO, we take this opportunity to warmly welcome Raquel as an additional talent to VHIO´s team of highly dedicated cancer researchers and physician-scientists.

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