Pioneered by Virgil H. Simons, Founder and President of the patient education and advocacy group The Prostate Net, an annual series of workshops and symposia aimed at increasing public awareness on and around the importance of cancer science and clinical discovery in advancing precision medicine cancer care for patients suffering from prostate cancer has just launched.

Co-organized by Joaquin Mateo, Principal Investigator of VHIO’s Prostate Cancer Translational Group, and Álvaro Aytes, Principal Investigator of the  Resistance and Progression Mechanisms in Prostate Cancer Group, Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) – Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), this inaugural morning Workshop entitled, Fighting Prostate Cancer: From the Laboratory to the Patient, will be held on Friday 23 November at the Harley Davidson 99% Bar, Joan Güell, 207, 09:00h – 12:00h.

PLEASE NOTE: the official languages of the Workshop are Castilian and Catalan.

Especially timed to coincide with the Movember Men’s Health Awareness Month, celebrated annually in November, these VHIO-IDIBELL-ICO public outreach programs against prostate cancer are supported through an educational grant received from Augmenix Inc, and represent important educational opportunities for patients, family members, friends as well as  and the general public.

Exploring the bench-to-bedside (and back) steps and stages that drive the advancement and delivery of more precise and powerful therapies against prostate cancer, our first program features six invited talks spanning essential topics as follows:

Where does a new drug come from? Eva Estébanez, Universidad de Barcelona
From the laboratory to the patient: a round trip. Álvaro Aytes, IDIBELL
Myths about paitent tests: What is a clinical trial? Joaquin Mateo, VHIO
Developing a clinical trial – from the idea to the results.  François Riva, MedSIR
How research improves the way radiotherapy is given.  Cristina Gutiérrez, ICO-IDIBELL
A patient’s story about his journey.    TBC

With time for a Q&A round and informal discussion between our speakers and participants, we will also enjoy a complementary breakfast bite together.

Entrance is free and you can secure your place today by sending an email to:

To discover more as well as share our materials to those who may also have an interest in attending, please see our promotional flyer and special audio spot that have been produced in three different languages (Eng, Cast, Cat) below:






Audio Spot with Speaker and Radiation Oncologist, Cristina Gutiérrez.






Audio (Eng.)


Audio (Cast.)


Audio (Cat.)