VHIO’s Enriqueta Felip, Principal Investigator of our Thoracic Tumors & Head and Neck Cancer Group, is heading up a team of leading medical oncologists across Spain as candidates to serve the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology – Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica (SEOM).

Their proposal, under the tagline SEOM 2.0, lo que nos une – @EFelipSEOM19  with the hashtag #SEOM2Punto0 – seeks to transform current challenges faced within the field into opportunities, and continue to firmly center SEOM at the very core of personalized medicine in oncology.

Their informative flyer in Spanish (see below) sets out how they would work together to expand SEOM, its educational programs, innovation and relations with key stakeholders alongside its Board and in collaboration with its expert working groups and supporters. More specifically, Enriqueta and her #SEOM2Punto0 team have detailed several key action points under the identified categories: Education, Members, Research and Innovation, and Institutional Relations.

SEOM members may now cast their votes until Wednesday 23 October (00:00h) by following the instructions that they will have received today via email. 

Commenting for VHIO Communications about her candidacy Enriqueta Felip said,“Leading professional societies such as ours can only hope to flourish through a finger on the pulse appreciation of the often rapidly changing needs of each and every one of its members, everywhere.  I am honored to present our team’s candidacy and our pledge to work in unison to better listen to you, our membership, and deliver the real solutions that will make a difference. We would ring in a new era: SEOM 2.0: lo que nos une.”

To discover more about the #SEOM2Punto0 candidacy please click below to download Enriqueta’s team flyer as a PDF and/or follow the team via Twitter @EFelipSEOM19.