VHIO´s Running for Research

Inspired by Daniel Massó Vallés and Irene Rius, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Graduate Student of VHIO´s Mouse Models of Cancer Therapies and Growth Factors Groups, respectively, VHIO´s Running for Research currently comprises a team of 18 researchers and VHIO faculty (see listing below) who are participating in several half and full marathons to mix and mingle with the general public and spread the word about who we are, what we do, and promote the value and importance of supporting cancer research in order to improve outcomes for cancer patients now and in the future.

Our team of dedicated runners, who officially enter the respective sports events in the name of VHIO, are kitted out with VHIO´s Running for Research branded baseball caps and t-shirts to increase visibility and trigger conversation with fellow runners and other members of the public present.

Left to right: Daniel Massó, Sandra Martínez, Marie-Eve Beaulieu, Laia Foradada, Irene Rius at FERO´s Run to Raise

Current R4R Team and corresponding VHIO Group/affiliation:

  • Silvia Diaz, Assistant to Josep Tabernero (VHIO´s Director)

Experimental Therapeutics Group:

  • Marta Castroviejo
  • Albert Gris
  • Alba Llop
  • Mònica Sánchez

Cellular Plasticity and Cancer Group:

  • Emanuela Greco
  • Elena Senís

Growth Factors Group:

  • Beatriz Morancho
  • Irene Rius Ruiz
 Mouse Models of Cancer Therapies Group:
  • Sandra Martínez
  • Daniel Massó Vallés

Stem Cells and Cancer Group:

  • Oriol Arqués
  • Estefania Cuesta

VHIO spin-off company Mosaic Biomedicals:

  • Isabel Huber

VHIO spin-off company Peptomyc S.L.:

  • Marie-Eve Beaulieu
  • Laia Foradada Felip
  • Toni Jauset

VHIO Laboratory Equipment Maintenance:

  • Reinier Peñarroche

This past weekend our runners completed two races to promote research at VHIO:

Fero Foundation´s Run to Raise, 6K, Saturday 28 October

  • Runners: Irene Rius, Marie-Eve Beaulieu, Sandra Martínez, Laia Foradada, Daniel Massó
  • Outstanding results: in the women’s category Irene came in first followed closely by Sandra who finished in 3rd place

Collserola Half Marathon, 21K, Sunday 29 October

  • Runners: Marta Castroviejo, Alba Llop, Daniel Massó, and Irene Rius (present in support of the team but did not compete due to injury)
  • Outstanding result: in the women’s category Marta Castroviejo finished in 1st place

Previous runs raced in the name of VHIO:

  • 30K Tarragona 2017
  • Barcelona Half Marathon, 21K, 2017
  • Barcelona Marathon, 42K, 2017
  • Desafío de Guerreros, 12K, 2017
  • Barcelona Midnight Trail, 15K, 2017
  • Collserola Half Marathon, 21K, 2016
  • Tarragona Half Marathon, 21K, 2016

For more information about this public outreach initiative contact: Amanda Wren, VHIO´s Director of Communications, Email: awren@vhio.net.