CFAH EQUALITY PLAN – VHIO – Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology


When it comes to hiring, promoting and developing talent, one of the guiding principles followed at VHIO is not to make any gender distinctions. In the pursuit of research excellence, it is considered essential to know how to take advantage of all the talent. As a participant in the European Commission’s Human Resources for Research (HRS4R) initiative, VHIO is committed to applying the project’s established principles in its human resources policies for researchers. In this way, it seeks to promote transparency in selection processes, achieve equity and excellence in the recruitment of researchers.

In addition, to comply with the requirements of Spanish legislation, the VHIO has developed and implemented its own Gender Plan. Under the leadership and supervision of the Gender Commission of the VHIO, this body ensures that any type of discrimination is avoided and sanctioned, with a policy of zero tolerance towards these facts.


VHIO’s Equity Plan (PDF)