CFAH TRUSTEES – VHIO – Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology


The trustees understand the power of ideas, of a vision and of a dream.

Translational research is extremely demanding and represents the most sophisticated way of caring for patients: it requires cutting edge technological equipment, excellent researchers and a constant supply of new therapies to investigate.

The trustees understand the effort and the demands of such an ambitious project, they share with the VHIO the certainty that they are part of a historical challenge, one in which people suffering from the disease will find a medical solution, in some cases the cure.

The VHIO is an organization requiring a tremendous responsibility, both institutional and personal; it demands that each and every person working here is conscientious in their work and gives of their absolute best.

From its inception and constitution the VHIO has had the support of private and public funding. Private initiative is a key source, either by means of competitive support or philanthropic projects.


Funding sources

VHIO receives part of its core funding from the Government of Catalonia through the Department of Health and the Department of Innovation, Universities and Business, Fundación FERO, the CELLEX Private Foundation,  “la Caixa” Foundation and the BBVA Foundation.

Besides VHIO’s trustees, other institutions from the public and private sectors have participated and supported VHIO Foundation from the very outset.

The majority of funding is provided through competitive grants obtained from the European Union and others from national and international foundations, agencies and other organizations.

Finally, some scientists also receive financial support from academic institutions such as  the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA).