CFAH BOARD OF TRUSTEES – VHIO – Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology



  • Hon. Sr. Josep Maria Argimon. Minister of Health, Government of Catalunya

Vice Presidents & Members

  • Jordi Segarra Pijuán (appointed by the CELLEX Private Foundation)
  • Esther Morales Miguel, Secretary of Research & Universities, Dept. of Research & Universities (appointed by the Ministry of Research & Universities, Government of Catalunya)


  • Lluis Torner Sabata (appointed by the CELLEX Private Foundation)
  • Albert Salazar Soler, General Manager, Vall d´Hebron University Hospital (HUVH)
  • Robert Fabregat i Fuentes , Director of Research and Innovation (appointed by the Ministry of Health, Government of Catalunya)
  • Sr. Joan Gómez Pallarès, Director General of Research (appointed by the Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge, Government of Catalunya)
  • Josep Maria Borràs i Andrés, Director of Oncology Planning (appointed by the Ministry of Health, Government of Catalunya)
  • Sol Daurella i Comandrán (appointed by the Fero Foundation)
  • Piru Cantarell Rocamora (appointed by the Fero Foundation)
  • Francisca Orozco Serrano (appointed by the Fero Foundation)
  • Fundació Bancària “la Caixa”, represented firstly by Isidre Fainé Casas, President, and substituted by Esther Planas Herrera, Corporate Director of Finances & Resources
  • Ángel Font Vidal (appointed by the Fundació Bancària “la Caixa”)
  • The BBVA Foundation, represented firstly by Rafael Pardo Avellaneda, Director.
  • Secretary non Trustee: Núria Porxas i Roig

Present as non-voting

  • Director: Josep Tabernero
  • Managing Director: Andrés de Kelety
  • Deputy Managing Director: Sergi Cuadrado

The Chairmanship of the Board of Trustees is exercised by the Minister of Health of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.