VHIO´s Scientific Coordination Area is a core function of our Institute performing several supportive functions including:

  • Identifying new competitive research funds.
  • Proposing external sponsors/ philanthropic institutions for R&D funding.
  • Coordinating and managing awarded R&D projects providing on-going administrative, technical and scientific support (including follow-up tasks and reporting).
  • Monitoring and verifying that the various scientific projects underway are consistent with – and complementary to – VHIO´s research lines.
  • Supervising patent application procedures, research agreements and intellectual property issues related to R&D projects.
  • Identifying new opportunities for scientists, including multicenter research studies.


Our highly dedicated team of professionals headed by Alejandro Piris, therefore play a critical part in nurturing, developing, and expanding research at VHIO:

  • Alejandro Piris, Head, Scientific Coordination Area
  • Carlos López, Knowledge Transfer Manager
  • Josep Maria Miquel, Project Manager
  • Mariona Pons
  • Sandra Porta
  • Isabel Vallvé