Tumor Immunology & Immunotherapy Group


Principal Investigator


  • Characterize the personalized antitumor T cell response in patients with cancer
  • Mine the personalized repertoire of tumor-reactive lymphocytes for potential biomarkers of response to cancer immunotherapy using immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Investigate novel strategies to rapidly identify the tumor-reactive lymphocytes as well as the target antigens driving this response
  • Develop personalized T cell based cancer immunotherapies for patients with solid cancers


  • Identify tumor-reactive and neoantigen specific lymphocytes in patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors and define specific phenotypic and functional traits influencing their antitumor efficacy
  • Develop a non-biased approach to identify minimal epitopes recognized by tumor specific lymphocytes
  • Isolate T-cell receptors targeting tumor antigens
  • Generate personalized T cell based cancer immunotherapies from liquid biopsies


Tumor Immunology & Immunotherapy Group
  • Principal Investigator
    • Alena Gros
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows
    • Jara Palomero
    • Carlos Fajardo
  • PhD Students
    • Andrea Garcia
    • Maria Lozano
    • Anna Yuste
  • Lab Manager
    • Daniela Grases
  • Technical Auxiliary
    • Albert Marín


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