Taking place this coming Sunday, 08 December, as of 09:30h at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona, the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC) has organized its third annual Barcelona-based Run against Cancer to raise funds in support of essential research initiatives, projects and programs aimed at solving cancer sooner and improving outcomes for patients suffering from this terrible disease.

This excellent and superbly organized fundraiser also takes place at many other locations throughout Spain, and includes three different categories so that participants can select between a 10K race, 5K run or a gentler paced 2.5K. Rising to the double challenge of successfully completing either the 5 or 10K dash, and promoting the importance of cancer research by mixing and mingling with fellow runners and the general public, 13 of VHIO’s Running for Research (R4R) eager team of runner-scientists will once again participate at this event for the third consecutive year.

VHIO’s Running for Research (R4R) with our Director, Josep Tabernero.

Inspired and co-founded by Daniel Massó Vallés, Researcher of VHIO spin-off Peptomyc S.L., and Irene Rius, Investigator of our Growth Factors Group – who incidentally finished in first place in the ladies’ 5K category last year- VHIO’s R4R currently comprises a team of 21 researchers* who are participating in several half and full marathons to spread the word about who we are, what we do, and promote the value and importance of supporting cancer research at societal level.

Not only are our young research and running talents instantly recognizable in their VHIO R4R especially branded caps and t-shirts, they are accessible to the general public to champion the value and importance of cancer science. Launched back in 2017, our members compete in several events including half and full marathons throughout the year, with the AECC’s Run against Cancer series as firm must-attends.

Commenting for VHIO Communications Daniel Massó Vallés said, “We are all very proud to represent VHIO as we rally for research at several events, whether they be fundraisers or not. As researchers we are both perfectly placed and privileged to help promote the importance of research, talk about the progress we collectively continue to make to more effectively combat this disease, and as importantly, state the case for continued support of our endeavors to ensure that we continue to drive advances against cancer.”

“The AECC has funded many pioneering projects at VHIO as well as supported several of our researchers throughout their careers. Simply put, without the AECC’s longstanding support and strong belief in our multidisciplinary and translational team science, we simply would not be able to continue to spur, develop and expand many of our research lines,” added Irene Rius. 

“We are hugely grateful to this truly amazing Association, and look forward to meeting and greeting many of our fellow runners at Sunday’s Run against cancer,” she concluded.

To discover more about AECC’s Run against Cancer and even sign up to participate in the name of research against cancer please visit: https://www.aeccenmarxabarcelona.org/es/


*VHIO’s R4R Team and corresponding VHIO Group/affiliation:

  • Silvia Diaz, Assistant to Josep Tabernero (VHIO’s Director)

Cellular Plasticity and Cancer Group (PI, María Abad):

  • Emanuela Greco
  • Elena Senís
  • Marion Martínez

Experimental Therapeutics Group (PI, Violeta Serra):

  • Alba Llop
  • Mònica Sánchez
  • Marta Palafox

Gene Expression & Cancer Group (PI, Joan Seoane):

  • Esther Arroba
  • Esther Bonfill
  • Carlota Rubio

Growth Factors Group (PI, Joaquín Arribas):

  • Beatriz Morancho
  • Irene Rius

Tumor Biomarkers Group (PI, Josep Villanueva)

  • Chiara Bellio

Prostate Cancer Translational Research Group (PI, Joaquin Mateo)

  • Alejandro Athie
  • Nicolás Herranz

Experimental Hematology Group (PI, Francesc Bosch)

  • Diana Reyes

Tumor Immunology & Immunotherapy Group

  • Judit Díaz

Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Tumors Group (PI, Teresa Macarulla, directed by Josep Tabernero)

  • Helena Verdaguer

VHIO spin-off company Peptomyc S.L. (Co-Founders, Laura Soucek & Marie-Eve Beaulieu):

  • Marie-Eve Beaulieu
  • Laia Foradada
  • Daniel Massó