Career Opportunities

Applications are invited for diverse positions at Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology Foundation. Successful candidates will carry out independent research on the genesis, progression, prognosis, prevention and treatment of cancer that synergize with ongoing efforts.

Current job offers:

Ref. 30-2019 Postdoctoral Researcher

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Ref. 29-2019 Coordinador/a Laboratoris

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Ref. 28/2019 Técnico/a Facturación

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Ref. 27-2019 Tècnic/a Laboratori

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Ref. 03/2019 – Técnico/a en Relaciones Laborales

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Ref. 25-2019 Clinical Investigator – Early Drug Development

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New members will join an interactive, interdisciplinary community of scientists and clinicians at  Vall d’Hebron  Institute of Oncology, which offers an outstanding basic, clinical and translational research environment.

Candidates should e-mail their application, preferably in PDF format, to: or fill out the form below:

The application should include a Curriculum Vitae, a description of past research, a description of proposed research (3-7 pages), and copies of three representative publications.


At VHIO, new graduates and entry-level professionals have the opportunity to begin building their careers in an environment of recognized excellence in cancer care. The following are descriptions of entry-level positions available to recent college graduates.