CFAH CaixaResearch ADVANCED ONCOLOGY RESEARCH PROGRAM – VHIO – Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology

”la Caixa” Foundation: advancing research toward rendering anti-cancer medicines more precise

The CaixaResearch Advanced Oncology Research Program  fuels one of VHIO’s three major institutional programs. Building on the successes of the two previous VHIO-”la Caixa”Institutional 3-year Programs, at the end of 2019 we announced a new 4-year VHIO-”la Caixa” Advanced Oncology Research Program (2020-

Marking the UITM turning ten in 2020 as well as the ringing in of a new VHIO decade, support received will further spur our purely translational and multidisciplinary teams to develop more potent and precise anti-cancer medicines, fortify existing research lines as well as initiate new projects to lead frontier research in some of the most relevant and rising focus fields in precision oncology.