CFAH PROGRAMS & GROUPS – VHIO – Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology


Advances in cancer research make us optimistic. The first step is to find less aggressive treatments that convert the most virulent cancers into chronic conditions; this will improve the quality of patients’ lives. The following step is a cure.

VHIO unites the efforts of multidisciplinary professionals with skills ranging from preclinical  to translational and clinical research.

The scientific activity at VHIO is structured around research teams, each one headed by a principal investigator (PI), and leading a different research line in oncology. All together, they cover a diversity of areas, from preclinical translational and clinical research, but they share the same trust regarding translational research.

This last decade has marked breakthrough discoveries into the molecular basis of cancer, which have led to the emergence of new, higher activity treatments. Significant advancement has been made in genomics, cellular biology, synthesis and screening of new active products, non invasive imaging techniques and notably in conventional treatments based on chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiotherapy and surgery.