BBVA Foundation: driving powerful programs to spur VHIO’s avant-garde translational research in precision oncology

Considering the tremendous successes of the very first VHIO-BBVA Foundation Program on Tumor Biomarkers Research that launched back in 2011, VHIO and the BBVA Foundation renewed their agreement in in 2017. Building on the achievements of the first program, our Comprehensive Program of Cancer Immunotherapy & Immunology (CAIMI), represents an important forward step in advancing agents that inhibit checkpoint regulation of the immune system, better understanding mechanisms of resistance and response to these therapies, and prioritizing the early development of those drugs showing most promise.

Under the leadership of  Josep Tabernero, this ambitious project counts on the expertise of VHIO’s Elena Garralda (PI of VHIO’s Early Clinical Drug Development and Director of our Research Unit for Molecular Therapy of Cancer (UITM) – ”la Caixa”), who heads up CAIMI’s clinical research, Alena Gros (PI, VHIO’s Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Group), who takes the lead on translational research, and Ana Vivancos (PI of our Cancer Genomics) who directs our internationally recognized prescreening platform in collaboration with Paolo Nuciforo (PI of VHIO’s Molecular Oncology Group).

VHIO will co-found six translational projects linked to the early clinical development phases of immunotherapy. These pioneering research endeavors are currently underway.


The launch of our 2017 BBVA Foundation framework program.



For more information about our Comprehensive Program of Cancer Immunotherapy & Immunology (CAIMI) that is fueled thanks to the support received from one of our cherished patrons, the BBVA Foundation, contact: Amanda Wren, Director of Communications at VHIO: awren@vhio.net.