”la Caixa” Foundation: advancing research toward rendering anti-cancer medicines more precise

Aimed at pioneering collaborative projects co-led by VHIO and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – MSKCC (New York), the ”la Caixa” International Program for Cancer Research and Education (2018 – 2020), renewed as a second 3-year initiative in 2017 to consolidate and further pursue the established synergies between the two leading institutions.

This second edition will include several initiatives focused on the pan-omic exploration (genomics and radiomics) of solid tumors, with particular emphasis on Big Data analysis, coupled with clinical insights from real-life patients. Considering the multidisciplinary and translational scope and structure of the appointed research teams, we envisage a short-term and positive impact on biomarker discovery and drug co-development.

Under the expert leadership of Josep Tabernero, in collaboration with Maurizio Scaltriti, MSKCC, and VHIO’s Rodrigo Dienstmann, Ana Vivancos, Joaquin Mateo and Raquel Perez-Lopez as co-investigators (PI´s of VHIO’s Oncology Data Science ODysSey, Cancer Genomics, Prostate Cancer Translational Research, and Radiomics Groups, respectively), research will initially center on the following trio of projects:

The impact of gene mutations in DNA damage on the impact of gene mutations in DNA damage repair and metastatic prostate cancer, Radiomics and immunotherapy, and Big data mining to uncover molecular and genetic determinants of sensitivity to targeted therapy in solid cancers.

Engineered to support education, trigger essential debate and promote data exchange across borders, the program will also include the joint organization of an international scientific meeting par excellence.