CFAH SCIENTIFIC COORDINATION AREA – VHIO – Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology


VHIO’s Scientific Coordination Area has consolidated itself as a Unit of support to VHIO’s direction, management area and research groups for the development of research proposals and programs, its monitoring and follow up. We also provide support to the different task forces created to enhance and promote multidisciplinary activities and create joint research programs at the Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus.

Our management tasks include both financial and scientific support, as well as the implementation of institutional needs related to certain areas like education, ethics & regulatory issues, scientific dissemination, tasks related to consortia and coordinated research, etc. More specifically: competitive grant application processes; dissemination among researchers of national and international funding opportunities; assessment in the preparation and writing of competitive project proposals or monitoring and coordination of the execution of the awarded research projects.

Strategic Goals

  • Identify and promote new research opportunities involving academic and industry partners
  • Write, coordinate and manage scientific proposals
  • Manage, monitor and follow up institutional programs
  • Promote intramural research through education, networking and driving force


  • In 2019, VHIO’s success rate was 30%, out of 207 grant (competitive) applications
  • In 2019, our Unit managed more than 9 million EUR obtained from competitive funds
  • Our research support to VHIO groups research has been recognized with the participation of our group members in two publications (How I treat gastric adenocarcinoma;New clinical trial designs in the era of precision medicine)
  • We co-launched, together with the VHIO Educational Committee, the first dissemination program: La Caixa VHIO Scientific Seminars Series
  • Our Unit successfully co-leaded big EU consortia, including MOTRICOLOR (H2020), COLOSSUS (H2020), the Basket of Baskets trial (Cancer Core Europe) and participated in numerous project boards and work packages
  • Our Unit provided support to the scientific Direction through the management of scientific data, documents and actions required for the development of research proposals and projects at VHIO


  • Optimization of opportunities for the internationalization of groups through a personalized and professionalized plan for VHIO groups
  • Centralization of ideas from taskforces and correlation of selected ideas with competitive calls
  • Support high innovative technological value project proposals
  • Increase VHIO’s success rate with IMI projects and H2020 and Horizon Europe framework as coordinators and partners through proactive search of opportunities
  • Improve our area’s organizational structure and optimize project management processes


Head of Area: Alejandro Piris Giménez. Senior Project Managers: Neus Bayó, Elena Chavarria, Javier Gonzalo, Josep Maria Miquel, Sandra Porta, Isabel Vallvé, Xenia Villalobos. Junior Project ManagersBerta Colldeforns, Eric Delgado, Nacho Sánchez.