Prostate Cancer Translational Research Group

Principal Investigator

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a revolution in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.  However, it is still a lethal disease, and further therapeutic strategies are needed. Our group’s mission is to improve advanced prostate cancer management through investigating  tumor response and resistance mechanisms and by correlating clinical and molecular data to movetowards more precise patient care.

Our research model follows a bench-to-bedside-and-back approach. We have set up a platform for acquiring longitudinal samples from advanced prostate cancer patients, both tumor tissue as well as liquid biopsies that can be used to investigate the evolving features of the disease, but also to generate patient-derived laboratory models of advanced prostate cancer that we can leverage to investigate new therapeutic strategies in the bench. Moreover, the launch of investigator-initiated clinical trials is central to our research strategy, as a platform for correlative studies that can optimize the drug development pathway for prostate cancer patients. At present, we are the central laboratory for two academic multi-center clinical trials, as well as serving as national repository for the IRONMAN registry, an  international effort to build a comprehensive bank of clinical data and biospecimens from mPC patients.

We aim to  integrate our workin molecular biology, genomics, transcriptomics, computational sciences and clinical data into developing precision medicine strategies for prostate cancer patients. To that end, our team is composed of biomedical scientists with expertise in cancer biology, genomics and transcriptomics, bioinformatics and liquid biopsies, together with medical oncologists and clinical data scientists.

One of our main  research objectives is to understand how prostate cancers adapt to exposure to systemic therapies, particularly androgen-targeting agents, with a particular interest in 1) the cell cycle and DNA damage response regulation and 2) the emergence of quiescent and senescent phenotypes that can drive drug resistance. By studying in-vitro and in-vivo models, including patient-derived xenografts from patients participating in our clinical studies, we try to understand how to target emergent phenotypes through drug combinations. These studies are currently funded by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Fundación FERO and Fundación AECC as well as through collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies.

Moreover, we aim to pursue molecular characterization of advanced prostate cancer, focusing on how cancerevolves in a heterogeneous manner as it becomes resistant to different treatments. Thus, we have set up a genomics and transcriptomics platform in the lab capable of pursuing DNA and RNA profiling from patient biopsies. We are developing novel liquid biopsies assays that will enable us to study the disease through longitudinal samples. Moreover, our computational scientists study the changes in the genomics profile of the disease over time and at different stages of the disease. These studies are currently funded by the US DoD CDMRP, the Spanish Ministry of Health, CRIS Cancer Foundation, Fundación AECC; Fundación FERO and La Caixa Foundation.

Last, we acknowledge that well-annotated clinical data is crucial to understand the potential relevance of molecular data; hence, our team maintains databases collecting outcome data for all patients who donate samples to our studies, to pursue later correlative analysis. Moreover, we are engaged in different team-science collaborative efforts to create  more relevant resources in order to advance the field of prostate cancer care.
In sum, we aim for our research to integrate different modalities of data generated in the lab that can lead to designing therapeutic interventions that make a difference for prostate cancer patients.


  • To investigate correlations between patient molecular profiling and clinical outcome that can guide more precise prostate cancer treatment strategies.
  • To study how prostate cancers adapt to therapy, with a focus on targeting emerging vulnerabilities to delay disease recurrence.
  • To study tumor heterogeneity in response to therapy in preclinical and patient-derived xenograft models, as well as by interrogating patient biopsies.
  • To investigate the optimal drug combinations targeting the DNA damage repair system and AR signaling.
  • To develop new liquid biopsy tools that can monitor tumor evolution.
  • To apply computational pipelines towards investigating genomic signatures in prostate cancer.
  • Development of academic clinical trials to validate in the clinic our laboratory results, and leveraging patient biopsies for correlative studies.


  1. Defining the Landscape and Clinical Relevance of ATM Defects in Lethal Prostate Cancer – Prostate Cancer Foundation
  2. Caracterización del impacto funcional de mutaciones en genes de la reparación del DNA en pacientes con cáncer de próstata – Fundación Española de Oncología Médica
  3. Clinical Qualification of DNA Repair Defects as Biomarkers in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Using Integrated Genomics and Tissue-Based Functional Assays – Department of Defense (DoD)
  4. Perfiles moleculares de cáncer de próstata asociados a defectos de la reparación del ADN para el desarrollo de estrategias de medicina personalizada – Instituto de Salud Carlos III
  5. Co-targeting androgen receptor signalling and DNA damage repair for precision therapy – European Commission
  6. Novel approaches to liquid biopsy in prostate cancer to inform precision medicine – Fundación FERO
  7. Leveraging the AR-DDR interaction in de-novo metastatic prostate cancer towards precision combination therapies with PARP inhibitors (AECC)


  • Principal Investigator
    • Joaquin Mateo
  • Senior Researcher
    • Nicolas Herranz
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows
    • Luisa Delgado
    • Irene Casanova
  • Clinical Research Fellow
    • Pablo Cresta
  • Technicians
    • Teresa Casals
    • Sarai Cordoba
    • Natalia Castro
    • Lucila González
    • Olaia Baylo
  • PhD Student
    • Sara Arce
    • Julian Brandariz
  • Master students
    • Arnau Solé
    • Víctor Esquefa
  • Bioinformatician
    • David Aguilar
  • Clinical Data Curator
    • Vacant

Most relevant scientific publications

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All publications

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